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Agent गिरी छोडो, और Financial doctor बनो 

"Financial Coach या Financial expert की तरह हर महीने १ लाख + कमाइये ?

Language: Hindi

Instructors: Jibal | Program Faculty - Harshal 

{ Rs 49}


Why this course?

This orientation program is for financial advisors, loan DSAs, life insurance advisors, health insurance advisors, general insurance advisors, Post Office, Bank Deposit Agents, POSP Agents, Bank employees, and Insurance Sales employees.

यह orientation program एक वित्तीय सलाहकार, ऋण डीएसए, जीवन बीमा सलाहकार, स्वास्थ्य बीमा सलाहकार, सामान्य बीमा सलाहकार, डाकघर हैं | बैंक जमा एजेंट, POSP एजेंट, बैंक, या बीमा बिक्री कर्मचारी, के लिए है |

This program will cover Sureshot solutions for pain areas like Prospecting, Appointment, Opening the Call, Fact Finding Tools, Questioning techniques, Objection handling, etc.By going to this free seminar, learner can take the first step toward becoming a financial doctor instead of a typical sales agent.

इस संगोष्ठी में भाग लेने से एक विशिष्ट बिक्री एजेंट से एक वित्तीय डॉक्टर बनने की दिशा में पहला कदम उठा सकेंगे।         

Course Curriculum

This is an orientation program in हिंदी

Session 1 - Who are we?

Session 2- Industry - First Exclusive Programs 

Session 3 - Financial Doctor बनो, concept क्या हे ? 

Session 4 - Challenges and Solutions

Session 5 - What else i need to become a financial doctor?

Session 6 - Next Step towards Financial Doctor 

Harshal Kothari

Certified Financial Coach

Trainer | COT 

My Credentials
MBA,, MDP - IIM, FLMI, AIII, Insurance & Wealth Management

My Mission

Empowering Laypersons & Investors through Financial Literacy Programs

And Transforming Finserv professionals through Training & workshops.

My Experience

✅More than 18+ years of experience helping people achieve their Financial & Life Goals.
✅Have trained over 25000 + Learners in Financial Service Industry.

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