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Digital Advisor Pro

अब 10X Growth पक्की है

For Life Insurance Advisor, LIC Advisor, Financial Planner, Mutual Fund Distributor, Health Insurance Advisor, General Insurance Advisor, Loan DSA, Post Deposit & Finserv Consultants. 

Two Day's Classroom + Six Month Digital Internship  

Note : This Program is only for those learners who have attended two days classroom workshop 

Language: English & Hindi

Instructors: Bobby JIbal

{ Rs 6999}


Why this course?

This Digital Course will help Insurance and Financial advisors to understand key concepts of Digital Marketing in an easy way.    

यदि आप Fake Leads, Likes, Post Boosting करके थक गए हो और आपको Quality Customers की जरुरत है , तो यह प्रशिक्षण आपके लिए है !
घर बैठे हर महिना पाइये 100 नए प्रोस्पेक्टस ( Get 100 Leads Every month ) बिना किसी दिक्कत, झंझट और बिना किसी को Convince किये हमारे Digital Advisor Pro Program के द्वारा.
1. क्या आपको प्रोस्पेक्ट ( नए ग्राहक ) ढूंढने में परेशानी होती है ?

2. क्या आपको लगता है की बीमा व्यवसाय में नए प्रोस्पेक्टस को ढूंढना यह सबसे कठिन कार्य हैं ?

3. क्या आपको लगता है की आप तो ग्राहकों को समझाना चाहतें हैं लेकिन वो तो सुनना ही नहीं चाहते ?

4. क्या आपको लगता हे की आप Marketing नहीं कर पा रहे है

5. अभी तक आप आपकी services और brand को online नहीं ला पाए है |

यदि ऊपर के 5 प्रश्नों के उत्तर हाँ है तो चिंता मत कीजिये हमारे पास उसका उत्तर है | मैं यह सभी Secrets आपके साथ शेयर करने जा रहा हूँ इस Digital Advisor Pro Program के माध्यम से।         

Course Structure

India's First Hybrid Digital Marketing Program for Insurance and Finserv Professionals  

Program Summary

1. Two Days Classroom Workshop

2. Total 13+ Topics from Basics to Intermediate in Hybrid Mode

3. Total 100+ Video lectures

4. Three Live Demo Recordings

5. Five eBook User Guides

6. Mini Website cum digital business card (Free for one year)

7. Extra Live Classes as per requirement

8. Hand Holding Support by the Team

9. Six Month Internship through learning management system & app

Content Creation 

Creating Social Media Profiles Creating Images, Videos, Reels etc Graphic designing, Marketing Material for branding,Marketing Material for office usage.

Google Ecosystem

Creating Business profile on Google,Business Listing on Google, Using Free Google Tools for Marketing, Education, engagement & customer Service.
Personal Branding

Creating Professional Profiles on various platforms,optimising Profiles

Facebook Marketing

Optimising Personal Profile on Facebook,Creating Business Page,Optimising Business Page,Do and Dont's of Facebook Marketing Generating Leads through Organic Marketing

Linkedin Marketing 

Creating a strong profile on LinkedinIdentifying right people for connectionBest Practices for sending connection requestGenerating Leads through organic marketing

Whatsapp Marketing

Understanding Whatsapp deeper, using business whatsapp for Business & Lead generation through Whatsapp API

Six Month Online (Digital Internship)

Inro - Digital Financial Advisory is the way

Session 1. Content Creation (Two Pdfs plus 19 videos)

Session 2. Canva for Beginners (10 Videos)

Session 3. Social Media Mastery ( 12 Videos)

Session 4. Google Listing (Presentation & eBook)

Session 5. Get a Business Online ( 19 Videos)
Session 6. Google Form - Creating stunning online surveys (Webinar & PPT)

Session 7. How to create Mini Website (Live demo Video)

Session 8. Facebook Marketing (11 Videos)

Session 9. Linkedin Marketing (Step by step guide) 

Session 10. Importance of Financial Fitness Presentation (Demo Video)

Session 11. Google Ads Course (10 Video)

Session 12. Digital Marketing Basic Course (10 Video)

Session 13 - Whatsapp Marketing (10 Video)

Plus Extra Live Classes (On Requirement)
Plus Hand holding for Six Moinths

How to Use

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  • For other devices, you can access your library using this web app through browser of your device.


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