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Mastering Life Insurance IC 38

Your Key to Understand Key Concepts & pass the Exam

Language: English & Hindi

Instructors: Jibal Bobby

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Why this course?

This Digital Course will help the learner to understand key concepts of Life Insurance - IC 38 in a easy way.    

This Course contents Chapter wise Presentations in form of Videos with Hindi as audio, which will make learner easy to understand concepts well. 

Every Chapter is followed by Quiz to check understanding.

Copy of Short Notes PDF as Refresher guide 

Copy of complete IC 38 Book in English & Hindi

Separate Notes on Important Dates

Separate Notes on Important Days

Separate Notes on Important Years

Separate Notes on Important Sections

Copy of Question Bank with all Important Questions

Final Mock Test Quiz

Audio File with Interesting Story in Hindi to by heart the topic

Intro Video on how to use this course for better Results     


Course Curriculum

All 21 Chapters of IC 38 are covered in Detail

Chapter 1 - Introduction to Insurance

Chapter 2 - Customer Service

Chapter 3 - Grievance Redress Mechanism 

Chapter 4 - Regulatory aspects of Insurance Agents 

Chapter 5 - Legal Principle of an Insurance Contract 

Chapter 6 - What Life Insurance Involves 

Chapter 7 - Financial Planning 

Chapter 8 - Life Insurance Products – I 

Chapter 9 - Life Insurance Products – II 

Chapter 10 - Applications of Life Insurance 

Chapter 11 - Pricing and Valuation in Life Insurance 

Chapter 12 - Documentation – Proposal Stage 

Chapter 13 - Documentation – Policy Condition - I 

Chapter 14 - Documentation - Policy Condition - II 

Chapter 15 - Underwriting 

Chapter 16 - Payments Under a Life Insurance Policy 

Chapter 17 - Introduction to Health Insurance 

Chapter 18 -Insurance Documentation 

Chapter 19 - Health Insurance Products 

Chapter 20 - Health Insurance Underwriting 

Chapter 21 - Health Insurance Claims 

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