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Sampoorna Raksha Supreme
Understand Key Concepts with features and benefits

Languages: English & Hindi

Instructor: Jibal Bobby

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Why this course?

This Digital Course will help the learner to understand key features and benefits of Sampoorna Raksha Supreme Term Plan.

This Course contains chapter-wise Presentations in the form of Videos with Hindi as audio, which will make it easy for the learner to understand concepts well. 

Every Chapter is followed by a quiz to check understanding.

Sampoorna Raksha Single Pagers  

Sampoorna Raksha Product Brochure

Few Examples with Quotations


Course Curriculum

Given below are topics covered in this program

Chapter 1 - SRS: How to use website for product learning

Chapter 2 - Calculating Protection Gap using Secure Life 

Chapter 3 - Calculating Protection Gap using HLV 

Chapter 4 - SRS Features through Secure Life

Chapter 5 - Premium Calculation for Life Option

Chapter 6 - How to demonstrate short summary of Product in PDF with customer

Chapter 7 - How to read the product leaflet for Life Option

Chapter 8 - How to read the product leaflet of Life Plus Option

Chapter 9 - Premium Calculation of Life Plus Option  

Chapter 10 - How to read the product leaflet of Life Income Option

Chapter 11 - Premium Calculation of Life Income Option 

Chapter 12 - Life Income Option pdf summary

Chapter 13 - How to read the product leaflet of Credit Protect

Chapter 14 - Premium Calculation of Credit Protect

Chapter 15 - Premium Calculation for Life Option with Riders

Chapter 16 - Product Brochure and Summary

Chapter 17 - Introduction to Health Insurance 

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