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Social Events Engagement

For Financial Advisors

Language: English & Hindi

Instructors: Jibal Bobby

{ Rs 499}


Why this course?

This Digital Course will help the learner to understand key concepts of Social Events Engagement Activities

This Course contents Chapter wise Presentations in form of Presentation  which will make learner easy to understand concepts well. 

Every Chapter is followed by Quiz to check understanding.

Copy of eBook Notes PDF as Refresher guide          

Course Curriculum

All topics are covered in Detail

1. Methodology for creating Messages

2. 15+ detailed Activities to help you effectively engage your audience

3. Case Study 1: The Social Media Savvy Advisor

4. Case Study 2: The Collaborative Festival Advisor
5. Case Study 3: The Mobile Financial Advisor
6. 25 ideas to help you get started
7. WhatsApp Messages for Diwali
8. WhatsApp Dussehra Messages
9. Happy New Year Wishes
10. Holi Messages on Debt Management Theme

11. Importance of Protection on Rakshabandhan

12. Social Charitable activities to Promote Financial Services on Festivals

13. Gift ideas for Financial Advisors to convey gratitude to customers at festivals

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