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The Psychology of Selling | बेचने का मनोविज्ञान

Increase Your Sales Faster and Easier Than You Ever Thought  Possible

Language: Hindi

Instructors: Jibal

{ Rs 999}


Why this course?

The Psychology of Selling is a powerful, motivational and practical training program  to becoming one of the most successful (and highest-paid) salespeople in  your company, industry and the world. 


This course includes chapter-by-chapter presentations in the form of videos with Hindi audio to help learners understand concepts. 

Part 1: The Psychology of Selling Book Summary in Hindi

Part 2 : a) Brian Tracy short biography

             b) Brian Tracy manifests your dreams with this method
Part 3 : Training Content

Part 4 : Best of The Psychology of Selling Quotes

Part 5 : Assignment 

Total 175 Slides | 26 Videos | 190 + Min content | 3 + Hrs        

Course Curriculum


1. The Psychology of Selling Review
2. The Psychology of Selling Summary
3. 1. How Can I Set Myself up for Success?
4. 2. How Can I Get More Prospects?
5. 3. How Can I Build Better Rapport?
6. 4. How Can I Identify My Customer’s Needs?
7. 5. How Can I Make Better Sales Presentations?
8. 6. How Can I Overcome Objections?
9. 7. How Can I Close the Sale?
10. 8. How Can I Get More Resales and Referrals?
11. Bringing It All Together: Your Future Is Unlimited.
12. The Psychology of Selling Contents

Total 175 Slides | 26 Videos | 190 + Min content | 3 + Hrs

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