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Worksite Marketing

For Insurance and Financial Advisors 

Instructors: Jibal Bobby

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Why this course?

This Digital Course will help the learner to understand key concepts of Worksite Marketing in easy way.    

This Course contains Presentations in PDF format, which will make  easy to understand concepts well. 

Copy of Worksite Marketing Guide 

Copy of Worksite Marketing Standee Design 


Course Curriculum

All topics of Worksite Marketing are covered in Detail

Chapter 1 - Worksite Marketing Concept 

Chapter 2 - Identifying Industries

Chapter 3 - Identifying Companies 

Chapter 4 - Identifying Authorities 

Chapter 5 - Primary communication on Email 

Chapter 6 - Secondary communication on Phone 

Chapter 7 - Follow up communication on Email 

Chapter 8 - Follow up communication on the phone 

Chapter 9 - Types of Activities 

Chapter 10 - Kanopee Activity 

Chapter 11 - Survey Activity 

Chapter 12 - Educational Seminar Activity 

Chapter 13 - Reconnect for one-on-one meeting  

Chapter 14 - Documentation - Policy Condition - II 

Chapter 15 - Mastering the process 

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